News Release - Annual General Meeting - 2009

The Annual General meeting of the Council of Licensed Firearms Owners was held on Sunday 26 April 2009 at Wellington.

The meeting focused on the successes achieved by COLFO over the past years and in particular the success of obtaining recognition as a non government agency within the United Nations. This effectively gives COLFO members a voice at all NGO meetings of the UN.

Tom Mason, the Executive Secretary of the World Forum on the Future of Sporting Shooting Activities which is based in Belgium addressed the meeting by international teleconference and outlined for participants how COLFO was seen and respected within the international community.

Tom also told the meeting that COLFO as a group and its work is respected and envied by other firearm groups around the world for the way it is able to work with the country's government and its agencies in formulating sound firearm legislation. "A unique” position to be in.

Tom also encouraged the meeting to continue to support the international initiatives that COLFO are currently working on to promote the continued sporting use of all types of firearms.

Tom also spoke to the meeting about the forces lined up against gun owners on an international level and how important it is to keep people informed on the positive aspects of shooting sports.

The meeting was informed that John Howat had announced that he was stepping back from his role to dedicate more time to his family and business. Those present were disappointed but understood his position.

The meeting acknowledged the time and effort that he has dedicated to COLFO since its inception 13 years ago. John's last annual report was accepted and passed with acclamation in recognition of all his work. It is hoped that he may offer some input in some form or other in the future.

The new Board of Colfo will be working with all shooting organizations going forward to look at expectations and opportunities for COLFO to work closer. The intended outcome will be for all interested parties to achieve the best results for firearms owners and to ensure we all develop more encompassing communication strategies.

The following Board members were elected

  • Chairman Gary Howat
  • Vice Chair Trevor Dyke
  • Secretary Dianne Brown
  • Treasurer Andre Doyle
  • Executive Ted Rogers Independent
  • Kathleen Arnold NZAHAA
  • John Bryce NZSRA
  • Lech Beltowiski SSANZ
  • Stuart Hayman International Military Arms
  • Paul Clark Independent
  • Michael Dowling Independent