New Police Association President is aiming at the wrong target

The Council of Licenced Firearms Owners Inc (COLFO) welcomes Chris Cahill to the role of newly elected Police Association President but fear he needs to learn from the mistakes of his predecessor before making such incorrect anti-firearm statements.

“Cahill has at his fingertips a non-sworn constabulary of over 200,000 fit and proper firearms licenced owners but his first public statement has caused dismay and frustration amongst the firearms community” says Paul Clark, Chairman of COLFO. “His statements are not addressing the issues adequately, are not cost effective and do not hit the target criminal sector Cahill is after” reveals Clark.

The Police Association would do well to work with the firearms community, address the issues faced and find real solutions to the problem of criminal ownership of firearms. This includes the realities of importing MSSA’s into New Zealand. “While anyone with the right licence can import firearms, that licence and the required import permit are both issued by New Zealand Police” says Clark.

COLFO acknowledges that as a veteran detective Cahill must have seen his fair share of horror crime but states “In reality statistics prove that firearms are not used in a huge proportion of crime but are used to sustain families and are a tool to assist our farming communities”.

COLFO would welcome an opportunity to discuss the issues with the new Police Association President Chris Cahill.

Yours faithfully
Paul Clark