COLFO News - Issue 4 2016

Going Global

World Forum for Shooting Activities (WFSA) coming to New Zealand

The WFSA is an international association of national hunting, shooting and industry organisations.  Founded in 1996 the WFSA has members all over the world and represents over one hundred million hunters and sports shooters on 6 continents. It is a proactive advocacy organisation, working in concert with international bodies, national governments and regulatory authorities, for the world wide promotion and preservation of hunting and sport shooting activities.

In early November Board member Phil Cregeen attended the annual fall executive meeting of WFSA, in Phoenix Arizona, in addition to the various committee meetings Phil also attended a Workshop on Social Media organised by WFSA.

Phil reported that many of our international community face problems similar or greater than ours. European members reported that negotiations continue in relation to the draconian EU Firearms Directive with a compromise expected by next March.  The Canadians face serious problems with the RCMP placing restrictions on magazines and parliament discussing a new firearm marking regime that will effectively put a stop to many firearms being imported into the country. The ATT is not stopping arms trade as major arms suppliers including USA, China, Russia and India are not signatories. Meanwhile the WFSA is gearing up for the next ATT meeting in Geneva with the message that lawful ownership of firearms for lawful purposes should not be the concern of the ATT.

Next October the WFSA will hold its fall executive meeting in New Zealand hosted by COLFO in Queenstown.

Phil said that the Social Media Workshop was a great success and provided a valuable insight into how the world-wide firearms community can use this form of communication to best advantage. It was made clear by the presenters that what we view as acceptable behaviour in relations to firearms is not always viewed in the same way by the rest of society, so we should think carefully before we post on social media.  Any event that reflects badly on an individual sector of the firearms community can have an adverse effect on us all.

Free Database of New Zealand Firearms Case Law a World First

Prepared by Barrister Nicholas Taylor for COLFO and now displayed on the COLFO website under “Resources” is the final version of a “Database” of useful New Zealand Case Law relating to firearms provided free for all to use.

Sika Show

COLFO would like to thank the public for the support they showed us at the Sika Show 2016 held in Taupo in September. The new venue at Taupo’s Great Lake Centre meant lots more room for visitors and stand holders alike. COLFO had the services of Nicholas Taylor, Barrister specialising in the Arms Act and firearms matters. We had great discussions and gave away lots of information. COLFO acknowledges all the great support offered by the firearms community for our work. Thanks for stopping by and chatting with us, for sharing your problems and celebrating your successes. We enjoyed your company.

Hazardous Substances

The Environmental Protection Agency has called for submissions on new controls to be placed on certain hazardous substances (mostly agro chemicals) in the workplace and non workplace, which included ammunition and propellant powders.  COLFO has made a submission recommending that safety ammunition, propellant powder, primers and gunpowder remain exempt from restriction.

Issues with Gun Safes and Import Permits

Issues relating to the Police requiring gun safes to be certified by an engineer and a locksmith, as spelled out in Police form POL67N, have been explored with Police National HQ, so far with no satisfactory result.

COLFO is supporting and contributing to the costs of the New Zealand Licensed Dealers Trust which has proposed a judicial review of Police policy on these matters to be actioned in 2017. The COLFO executive very carefully considered this decision. COLFO will always work with the Police to find outcomes that are in the best interests of everyone. To that end sometimes legal actions is required to get clarity on an issue that has polarised opinions. The assistance of the Court ensures issues are not clouded by positions that are unlawful or unreasonable. We hope this matter will settle before an actual Court date.

Serious delays in issuing Import Permits by Police National HQ have frustrated many owners and dealers over the past two years. Repeated complaints to the Police have yet to result in any improvement. This may be a further cause for legal action.

Canterbury Sports Shooting Complex

COLFO has been pleased to provide a letter of support for this new shooting complex near Christchurch.

If we could get more support we could be more effective – worldwide


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