2017 Election - Party Firearms Policies

See below for all major party firearm policies.

ACT Party


  • > Opposes proposed changes to the firearm registration process as they are expensive and unenforceable
  • > Against giving Police new powers to enter the property of firearm licence holders.
  • > Against the plan to create blunt new categorisations of firearms

Ban 1080 Party

A statement on their Policies page says this about hunting:

  • > For 100 years hunters have navigated New Zealand’s back country areas on foot, from the mountains to the sea. Our wilderness areas can be managed from the ground and by employing local expertise. The practice of aerially spreading poisons is no longer acceptable, sustainable, or rational. For those suited to the outdoors lifestyle, wild animal management will be a valid career choice once again, and the contractors will be well paid for their efforts.

Green Party


  • > Make private ownership of fully functional semi-automatic weapons illegal.
  • > Investigate the benefits and costs of a low fee, centralised gun registration system and database.
  • > Reduce the licencing period from ten years to five, in line with practices in the UK, Australia and Canada.
  • > Review the vetting procedures in the firearms acquisition certificate, to ensure that they are in line with best practice.  

Labour Party


Maori Party


National Party

  • > New Zealand has a strong culture of recreational hunting… sport shooting … farmers ….
  • > Semi-automatic firearms are a legitimate tool … and we won’t be proposing a blanket ban on them.
  • > We value the relationship with the firearms community as important partners ……


  • > Improve the firearms licencing regime by upgrading Police systems and modernising permitting and import processes.
  • > Ensure firearms activity is appropriately funded and that fees for applications and permits are set on a cost-recovery basis and do not subsidise non-firearms related Police activities.
  • > Work with the firearms community towards a fit-for-purpose legislative framework that gives as much clarity as possible, while being able to deal with technological changes and new parts and products.
  • > Aggressively pursue illegal firearms and target criminals wishing to obtain firearms to commit crimes, including bringing in Firearms Prohibition Orders for patched gang members with serious offending histories.
  • > Make it clear that patched gang members and prospects will not be considered ‘fit and proper’ people to hold licences
  • > Continue to restrict access to the most dangerous firearms in the interests of public safety – but we will ensure any changes to these restrictions will be consulted and carefully considered
  • > Change the Arms Act to give Police a new power to suspend a licence. We will also introduce a 12-month stand-down after a licence is revoked.
  • > Direct Police to first consult with the firearms community before they propose any changes to policy. The Minister of Police will have the final sign off.
  • > Introduce new checks to ensure firearms brought in on visitor’s permit are exported or transferred legally.
  • > Work with the legal firearms owners to prevent them becoming targets of criminals seeking firearms.

New Zealand First Party


  • > Restore Lifetime Licences with amnesty for previous lifetime licence holders who did not renew when changed to 10 year licences.
  • > Scrap MSSA classification but retain ‘E’ category licence for those permitted to use large capacity magazines.
  • > Establish a separate firearms authority independent of Police to oversee both implementation and enforcement of firearms related law.
  • > Increase minimum strength standards for ‘A’ category gun safes including requirement for steel construction.
  • > Restore the use of lead shot for waterfowl hunting in all gauges.
  • > Provide Police with necessary resources and powers to scrutinise and vet the suitability of individuals to own firearms (including right to access medical records). 
  • > Review the results of the Firearm Law Reforms implemented in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.
  • > Increase penalties (including minimum sentences) for firearm offences including improper possession and improper storage.
  • > Resource increased random inspections of licensee’s premises to check the security of firearms. 

NZ Outdoors Party


The Oportunities Party


United Future Party


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