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The government has advised the mechanism for consultation into the Firearms law reform process which has been initiated. COLFO is concerned at the very short time-frame for democratic consultation. Normally, a select committee will have 6 months to report back to the House.

COLFO believes it is important for evidence and submissions to be heard and considered in order for appropriate recommendations to be made to the House. This will enable appropriate law changes to occur rather than rushing through legislative change at the risk of making mistakes or being unjust.

With this in mind, COLFO advises the following approach:

• Draft your individual responses for submission as outlined in the link below.

• Do not yet submit your response, we will recommend the best timing.

• COLFO will provide further considered guidance to help ensure your response is comprehensive when the detail of the Bill is known.

• An extension of the consultation period will be sought to ensure our voices are heard as part of due democratic process.

Refer to COLFO’s ongoing comments in the comments section below for you to consider incorporating in your individual response.

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