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It is timely that COLFO acknowledges the partnering and support to New Zealand’s firearms community from our member organisations. We acknowledge and wish to thank the continued efforts of:

- Sporting Shooters Association of New Zealand
- New Zealand Antique and Historical Arms Association
- National Rifle Association of New Zealand
- New Zealand Black Powder Shooters Federation
- New Zealand Deerstalkers Association
- Pistol New Zealand
- New Zealand Service Rifle Association
- International Military Arms Society

As you can see, we are a very diverse mix of firearms enthusiasts. But we must also collectively thank the wider members of our community, who are not members of our respective organisations, who have sought to have their individual voices heard in this time of incredible challenge. We should do what we can to attract these people into our organisations, to build our respective memberships, and to ensure our collective voices are heard as we face the future.

Again, we thank you for your contributions to the current issues facing licensed firearms owners of New Zealand.