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Fair and Reasonable

Donate to fight for Fair & Reasonable firearms laws


The Council of Licenced Firearms Owners has launched the Fair & Reasonable Campaign to respond to the Government’s rushed changes to New Zealand firearms laws on behalf of law abiding firearms owners.

But we can’t stand up for firearms owners like you without your support.

Will you chip-in now to ensure there is a voice for fair and reasonable law reform, to balance the debate and to stop undue restrictions on firearms owners?

Use this page to make a secure online donation or contribute:

  • via internet banking — to “Fair & Reasonable Campaign” ANZ Bank 06-0501-0736016-02

  • via cheque — made out to “Fair & Reasonable Campaign” and sent to PO Box 24020, Manners Street, Wellington 6142

Donations are strictly confidential, and by giving us your email address, we will keep you updated on the progress of the campaign.

About the Fair and Reasonable campaign

This campaign is being pulled together by the Council of Licenced Firearms Owners (COLFO) to respond to the Government’s rushed changes to New Zealand’s firearms laws. We are forming a fund to be used by us to represent firearms owners groups, hunting and sporting associations along with New Zealanders who share our interests in fair and reasonable firearms laws.

The current and proposed law changes are likely to be the most significant change to our rights and privileges in almost four decades. So we must hire experts and lawyers who are setting up systems to ensure that our efforts and communications are timely, effective and professional. We have built this website to ensure our information is not censored or misrepresented by individuals or organisations with their own agendas.

We will need people full time to research and to respond to your questions, to record stories, suggestions and to ensure we capture email addresses.

We estimate we could need hundreds of thousands to take a court case seeking full compensation for the loss of your hobby, sport and lifestyle. We can start this by correcting the misinformation circulated about firearms and their owners. That’s why we need you, and others like you to donate.

Guardians of the Campaign funds

To supervise the spending of donated funds COLFO has asked the following people to act as guardians to assure you that the funds will be used only for the Campaign until it is over.

  • Rachael Dean MNZM – COLFO Council Member, Certified Internal Auditor and Certified Fraud Examiner;

  • Bill O’Leary - Immediate Past President NZDA, Retired Board Member Game Animal Council;

  • David Tipple – Firearms Dealer and Importer.

The campaign work plan includes:

  • A public information campaign on what the new law and regulations mean and what firearms are affected;

  • Assessing and circulating summaries and advice – plain English guidance on what to take into account, when and how to comply with the law;

  • Helping allied organisations to inform each other and their respective members, of developments and implications as they emerge;

  • Providing spokespersons to make fair comments on the issues, to help responsible journalists limit the influence of bigotry and false claims;

  • Ensuring that Parliamentarians, Police and government learn of unintended effects of rushed law;

  • Recommending constructive ways to improve the Arms Act, achieving the safety objectives with less tax payer cost, minimising the effect on compliant firearm owners;

  • Preparing and pursuing court challenges;

  • Defending the rights, privileges and processes that have underpinned New Zealand’s traditional trust and co-operation between Police and Licensed Firearm Owners;

Early priorities

The end of the surrender period and amnesty will come soon, the risk that people who want to comply will postpone it until too late is real. Owners are concerned they will not get fair compensation, our highest priority is to sort out with Police and government, exactly how firearm owners can receive fair compensation for what they lose.

We have established a communication tool that will enable us to speak directly to all members who have joined the campaign.