Registration of Firearms

Some of the Members of the Canadian Parliament have requested their registration program be dismantled as it has been unsuccessful in providing a benefit equal to it’s cost, as well the cost spiraling to more than twice that projected.

A system for registration of firearms which existed in New Zealand for many years was eventually abolished for being too costly and ineffective. The Police admitted it had been of little value in limiting or solving crime.

A similar exercise undertaken in the Australian State of Victoria was described by the Police Registrar of Firearms as a “disaster” with the majority of firearms not being produced for registration.

Advocates of firearm registration foster the misconception that the system is highly effective when in fact local and overseas experience had shown the reverse is the case.

COLFO Position

COLFO does not support a system of firearms registration because registration does little to prevent incidents of violent crime from taking place and would absorb significant valuable resources to compile, update, and review.

COLFO believes that control of firearms should rest with the Police, not with Governments. The Police have a record of integrity and expertise in the administration of firearms controls and COLFO believes that this situation should continue.